Manulife Covid-19 Pandemic Travel Plan offers emergency medical coverage for Covid-19 and related conditions, and additional benefits for quarantine


Manulife headquarters on Bloor Street of Toronto, Ontario. (Credit: Skeezix1000/Wikipedia.)

Manulife has unveiled its plans to launch Manulife Covid-19 Pandemic Travel Plan in October 2020, for Canadians travelling into the country and abroad, including countries with Level 3 Travel Advisory.

The Canada-based insurance company said that its new policy offers emergency medical coverage for Covid-19 and related conditions, along with additional trip interruption benefits in case of quarantine.

Manulife intends to offer its Covid-19 Pandemic Travel Plan through its distribution channels, including travel agents, brokers, advisors, sponsors, and for direct sale through Manulife CoverMe.

Manulife insurance head Alex Lucas said: “The pandemic has had extraordinary impacts on the day-to-day lives of Canadians, and at Manulife, our top priority remains the health and safety of our customers, employees, partners and communities. This specialized travel insurance is aimed at helping protect what matters most.”

Manulife travel insurance offers emergency medical coverage for Covid-19 and related conditions

The company said it believes that Canadians with family, business and other reasons need to travel, and they require specialised coverage for protection in case if they fall ill due to Covid-19.

The insurance policy offers emergency medical coverage of up to C$5m ($3.73m) per insured, for conditions not associated with Covid-19, up to C$2m ($1.5m) for conditions associated with Covid-19, following a positive test result at the destination, and includes emergency air transport to return home.

If a customer tests positive for Covid-19 while at the destination, and is denied entry or contact tracing, the Covid-19 Pandemic travel policy provides C$150 ($113m) per day up to C$2,100 ($1,600) per person, or C$300 ($227) per day up to C$4,200 ($3,180) per family for up to 14 days.

Furthermore, the new insurance policy provides a maximum of C$500 ($378) per person for return airfare, meals and accommodations, said the company.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Manulife Financial operates as Manulife across its offices in Canada, Asia, and Europe, and primarily as John Hancock in the US.