New research from, a financial comparison website, has revealed that one in eight British people have no idea what to expect in a standard travel insurance policy.

The figures showed that 12% of UK adults are in the dark on what would be included in their standard policy, from the amount of medical cover they’re likely to be entitled to, to whether they’re insured or not if they lose their passport.

The research also showed that 34% of people wouldn’t expect to get a refund on a late or cancelled flight, train, or ferry. However, with only 3% of policies not offering at least some compensation for any such problem there’s a real possibility that many holiday makers are not making the most of their cover.

Sean Gardner, CEO of, said: With people traveling to increasingly exotic destinations and keen to do ever more adventurous activities while abroad, it’s a worry that many don’t understand what they’ll be covered for. Obviously a white water rafting holiday poses more of a risk than a beach holiday in Spain so it’s vital that people consider exactly what activities they’re going to be doing, and then choose their policy accordingly. If they don’t they risk a serious pay out should something go wrong.