MagnaCare has introduced MagnaCare Advisors (MCA) and an expanded portfolio of customized insurance options, especially for network physicians, members and clients of the MagnaCare Network.

According to the firm, its advisors will offer the insurance products at discounted prices to participating physicians in the MagnaCare Network, corporate clients and members, including long-term care, life, medical malpractice, disability and Medicare supplement programs.

MagnaCare president and CEO Joseph Berardo Jr said, "We are also extending this level of experience and service to our members and clients, bringing them new opportunities for savings on insurance coverage. As our product and service platforms expand, we can extend our reach and anticipate broader and deeper relationships with the people we currently serve."

MagnaCare business development senior vice president Thomas J McEvoy said, "Our ongoing experience within the financial services industry helps us to identify and develop meaningful opportunities that deliver real savings for every member of the MagnaCare community."

MagnaCare, a healthcare services company, offers access to a broad provider network, predictive modelling analyses, member outreach programs and integrated solutions that include full plan management services.