MAC Risk Management, a Quincy, Mass.-based "in-house" claim administrator, has been selected as Acrometis' CLAIMExpert Workers' compensation claim processing platform.

CLAIMExpert will be used by MAC to enhance management of medical costs and to enable adjusters to achieve better outcomes for injured employees.

"Workers’ comp is about achieving better outcomes for injured employees while improving management of ever increasing medical costs. After careful evaluation and analysis of CLAIMExpert we believe the Acrometis platform provides MAC with all the most innovative approaches to accomplish both objectives," stated Nick Parillo, vice president of Global Insurance for Royal Ahold, and president of MAC Risk.

Acrometis CEO P. Kevin Kilroy remarked, "When we first started working with MAC Risk Management, we were impressed with how advanced they were in dealing with workers’ compensation and getting their injured workers back to work. It is an honor for an organization with extremely knowledgeable and skilled professionals whose claims operations are as advanced as MAC Risk Management’s to select our claims processing solution."

For companies that manage their own workers’ comp claims, it is particularly important to them to both control costs and get the injured worker back to work. CLAIMExpert frees up the adjusters and gives them the tools that they need to help their co-workers back to work.

"Deliverable as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, the implementation time is much shorter and therefore we will start seeing the benefits much sooner. After seeing CLAIMExpert, our claims organization can’t wait to start using it," explained Parillo.