LV= has launched three new individual savings account options

UK-based mutual insurance and investment group LV= has launched three new individual savings account options, reportedly offering savers an alternative home for their savings.

Developed by LV= Asset Management (LVAM), the fund management arm of the LV= group, the three new individual savings account (ISA) options – the LV= Diversified Income ISA, the LV= Balanced Managed ISA, and the LV= Stockmarket ISA – have been designed to appeal to a range of investors according to their individual needs and the amount of risk they are prepared to take.

LV= has said that all three funds are multi manager funds which, rather than investing directly into stocks, shares and bonds, give investors ready-made investment portfolios made up of different funds from established investment managers, such as Artemis, Fidelity, Jupiter and M&G.

Tom Caddick, head of multi manager at LVAM, said: Knowing that this tax year’s ISA allowance will be gone for good on April 6 puts pressure on investors. While it is impossible to say if markets have passed the rock bottom point yet, I am confident that we will look back at 2009 as a time of great opportunity for those willing to take a long-term view.

The approach that LV= takes in managing funds – staying properly diversified to spread risk, focusing on fundamentals, and taking a long-term view – is now more than ever the right thing to do, and is good advice for anyone thinking of investing right now.