SHIP contracted with LTCG in January 2008

Long Term Care Group (LTCG), an outsource service to the LTC insurance industry and a subsidiary of Univita Health, has concluded the conversion of 12,500 active LTC claims for the Senior Health Insurance of Pennsylvania (SHIP) to its LTCAS administrative platform.

Bruce Baude, CEO, LTCG, said: “Once the conversion is complete, SHIP will have much better access to data and significantly enhanced reporting with which to manage this business. In addition, our system platform and processes will help deliver improved service to the policyholders.”

SHIP has been contracted with LTCG in January 2008 to convert and administer its closed block of 140,000 LTC policies. SHIP is owned by a nonprofit trust and was formed to make sure all of the policyholders receive the benefits they are entitled to and the claims are paid on a timely basis.