The London Market Group (LMG) has formed a new insurance body London Insurance Market Operations & Strategic Sourcing (LIMOSS), which will be led by led by managing director, Patrick Molineux.

LIMOSS has been established to source and manage the portfolio of market services which the London insurance market has built as it modernises its processes.

LMG CEO Chris Beazley said: “Modernisation is one of the four LMG workstreams, and is focused on making London an easier place to do business. The market services that will deliver on this goal need a professional organisation to source and manage them, and LIMOSS will provide just that.”

Chaucer chief operating officer and LIMOSS chairman David Bendle said: “As the London Market moves from building market services through the London Market Target Operating Model (LMTOM) to running them for the benefit of carriers and brokers, it needs a single permanent team to define and execute its sourcing strategy, oversee the services, manage the service providers and liaise with carriers and brokers.

“We are delighted to have Patrick on board to build and lead the team. His thirty years’ experience of insurance IT and business process services, as well as his time with CSC where he oversaw the acquisition of Xchanging, is invaluable in establishing LIMOSS and shaping how it can source and operate these key market services.”

Patrick Molineux said: “The market services which the London Market has and will develop offer a tremendous opportunity for London to lead the world in commercial insurance and re-insurance technology, as well insurance product innovation. Automation of basic processes and the connection of diverse systems will free London’s insurance experts to focus on the value-adding activities such as face-to-face negotiation that make London unique.

“Whether the services are around placing, data or messaging, LIMOSS’s objective is build a team with the right skills to get the best from service providers and deliver a high quality service to the brokers and carriers for whom these services will be increasingly important.”

Source: Company Press Release