Lockton Benefit Group has joined the GoHealthInsurance Workplace program to provide consumers across the US with an online solution to find a quality health insurance plan.

GoHealthInsurance said that more than 15,000 Lockton clients will now be able to leverage its technology to obtain the right health coverage.

In addition, with GoHealthInsurance tools, Lockton clients will be able to compare health plans from the largest insurers in the US including UnitedHealthOne, many Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies and Aetna among others.

The GoHealthInsurane platform represents more than 10,000 health plans nationwide. Lockton members can also speak with a licensed agent for professional service and advice as they explore coverage options.

Brandon Cruz, president of GoHealthInsurance, said: Lockton has built a reputation as the leading private benefit consultant in the world, and we look forward to working with their substantial number of employers through the GoHealthInsurance platform.

”This alliance gives those employers a tool to easily provide a wide array of affordable health insurance choices for employees, and we are excited to make the health insurance selection process as efficient as possible for so many people.