Lockton, a Missouri-based insurance brokerage, has expanded its construction services group by hiring four new construction insurance and surety executives in its Washington, DC operations.

Lockton has appointed Douglas Crowe and Alexander Crowe as vice presidents, Don Kawamoto, as vice president and surety manager, and Brian Mack, as vice president of construction insurance.

Douglas Crowe joined Lockton with 18 years of experience in surety bonding with focus on serving large risk management clients with an emphasis on construction firms, real estate development concerns, government service contractors and specialty contractors in the Washington, DC Area.

Alexander Crowe joined with 14 years of experience in surety bonding and commercial insurance working nationally with general contractors and specialty construction firms.

Kawamoto has been an advisor to construction firms on surety bonds and risk management for more than 32 years.

Mack has worked extensively with construction and real estate firms in his 12 years in the commercial experience industry.