Lloyds TSB Insurance is urging customers in high risk areas to prepare for the possibility of flooding, as it has seen 15% increase in flood and storm claims, and with 49 flood warnings now in place across the country.

Lloyds TSB Insurance has reported that it is gearing up for an influx of calls from worried customers, many of whom have only just recovered from the devastating impact of last summer’s floods. This current bout of severe weather could pose even more acute problems than the 2007 summer floods, with colder temperatures and shorter days making rescue and clean up operations all the more difficult.

Phil Loney, managing director of Lloyds TSB Insurance, said: The adverse weather of the last few days has led to an increased number of calls from affected customers. The gloomy forecast for the week ahead means that we are having to ready ourselves for a significant uplift and are advising homeowners to do all they can to protect themselves and their home.