Lincoln National Corporation, a company that operates multiple insurance and investment management businesses through its subsidiaries, has launched Lincoln 403(b)e Sure Advantage, a suite of services aimed at helping employers meet the new 403(b) requirements and simplify administration.

The new 403(b) regulations will dramatically increase the role of employers in governing investments, transfers, documentation, administration and participant disclosures. Lincoln 403(b)e Sure Advantage suite of services include access to expertise, products and tools that will help plan sponsors prepare for the changes ahead.

Lincoln National Corporation believes that one of the cornerstones of the Lincoln 403(b)e Sure Advantage is the Lincoln Unifier Service, a comprehensive suite of services designed to help employers meet the administrative burden of bringing their plan into compliance with the sweeping changes in the 403(b) regulations.

Resources available to plan sponsors and participants through Lincoln 403(b)e Sure Advantage include representatives specializing in key disciplines such as law, compliance, and account management. The solution also includes products and programs for retirement plans of all sizes; from micro- to small to mid- to large-case to accommodate employer’s retirement plans as their organization grows.

Wes Thompson, president of employer markets at Lincoln National Corporation, said: While the new 403(b) regulations increase employer responsibility, the Lincoln 403(b)e Sure Advantage solution can ease their burden by providing a streamlined, simplified solution. Lincoln’s suite of services enables employers to meet the new administrative requirements while allowing their participants to reach a more secure retirement.