Lincoln Financial Group has enhanced its group short-term disability products with new features such as enhanced C-section benefit, rehabilitation assistance and family income benefit.

According to Lincoln Financial, the enhanced C-Section benefit offers an expanded standard benefit period, to accommodate an eight-week recovery time. The rehabilitation assistance benefit consists of three components, to assist them in their efforts to return-to-work and the rehabilitation incentive benefit is designed to encourage disabled employees’ participation in valuable rehabilitation programs by providing a benefit amount to those who participate in an approved program.

In addition, the company also gives vocational rehabilitation programs to each individual’s needs for recovery with the vocational rehabilitation benefit. It also provides employers a reimbursement for accommodations employers make on behalf of a disabled employee to facilitate their return to work through the reasonable accommodation component of the rehabilitation assistance benefit.

The family income benefit provides a paycheck to help bridge the family expenses until life insurance benefits can be collected. It provides the income they need to help pay the mortgage, buy groceries, and cover daily expenses.

Dave Swanson, vice president of product, risk & business technology management at Lincoln Financial, said: Lincoln takes the standard short-term disability coverage a step further. In addition to providing much-needed income replacement, Lincoln’s enhanced benefit solutions include new benefits which help support and assist employees in their return to wellness, as well as help families financially after the death of a disabled insured.