The Lincoln Financial Group has announced a number of improvements to its flexible retirement product range Lincoln i2Live, including reduced minimum investment, extended age of entry and flexible annuity transfer option.

Lincoln i2Live was launched to provide customers with a range of flexible options to take them through each stage of retirement planning. Lincoln i2Live offers three products under one umbrella, i2Live Accumulator, i2Live Drawdown and i2Live Annuity, and allows customers to switch from one product to the next to suit their circumstances.

Lincoln Financial said that these changes to the Lincoln i2live range have come about as a result of the feedback they have received from financial advisers since the product was launched in May 2007.

Simon O’Connor, head of product development and marketing at Lincoln, said: The evolving retirement planning market means that new and innovative products are needed to take people through all stages of retirement. We believe in constantly developing our products and making improvements to ensure that people get what they need to suit their individual circumstances.