Lincoln Financial, a provider of retirement-income solutions has selected Andesa Services’ Participant and Policy Owner Portal System (POPS) to help support its Executive Benefits division.

POPS will help Lincoln Financial to provide streamlined transaction capabilities, including internet-based enrollment, automated new business submission, and a way for users to manage policies in a self-service model.

Lincoln Financial Distributors Executive Benefits vice president and national sales manager David Bensinger said the selection highlights the company’s continued effort to simply business for its partners and also help them quickly meet their clients’ specific needs.

According to the company, the system will eventually be fully integrated with its current technology platforms, thus providing enhanced functionality for distributors, plan sponsors and plan participants.

In addition, POPS will also benefit Lincoln and its distributors through elimination of redundant data entry and increased efficiency in reporting capabilities.

Since 1994, Lincoln Financial has been a customer of Andesa and subscribes to its full-suite of integrated sales support and policy administration services.