Nebraska- based Lincoln Benefit Life, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allstate Life Insurance, has selected iPipeline's iGO e-App for use with selected universal life, term, and indexed universal life products.

iPipeline said that e-App is designed to reduce errors and speed application processing. It enables brokerage producers to accelerate sales by reducing cycle time and leveraging e-Signature and e-Submission to achieve straight-through processing.

The implementation also includes iPipeline’s Go/No-Go add-on for case manager approval, to ensure all applications are reviewed before submitting to Lincoln Benefit Life. Lincoln Benefit Life is scheduled to complete the deployment with initial product launch in late February.

Ipipeline CEO Tim Wallace said that their decision to implement e-Submission and e-Signature will enhance the selling process for producers and buying process for consumers, while accelerating underwriting activities.

"Through our exclusive network of 1,300 distributors, iGO e-App delivers speed-to-market advantages to carriers in brokerage," Wallace said.

Lincoln Benefit Life vice president, sales management Debbie Grenemeier said by deploying the next-generation in marketing, selling and processing solutions, the company will receive higher-quality submissions from producers, reduce cycle time, and increase customer satisfaction.

"iPipeline’s platform has a lot to offer the channel, and we are committed to making the Lincoln Benefit Life selling and buying experience one of the best in the industry," Grenemeier said.