Lime, the digital platform refreshing insurance, has officially launched in the UK. Driven by people and powered by technology, Lime strips the cost and complexity from insurance to make it available for all.


Image: Lime introduces tailor made insurance solution. Photo: Courtesy of fantasista/

16 million people in the UK are under- or un-insured, 11 million of whom have a mortgage to pay and/or a family to support. Lime’s aim is to close this protection gap.

Lime’s digital-first insurance guidance provides an efficient, streamlined user experience from the first click. Its platform provides tailored guidance and personalised insurance – cover that’s built for the vast majority of people, families, budgets and circumstances.

Lime’s flexible twist on insurance means it can be easily changed at any time to meet people’s individual needs, because life changes all the time.

Lime’s first product to launch is Accidental Death cover, offering cover from £5,000 to £500,000 (a 37-year-old can get £100,000 cover for £2.30 per month in year one). Its Accidental Death cover will pay a lump sum to nominated beneficiaries in the event of death caused by accident.

Accidental Death cover will be followed by a suite of new products over the next 12 months.

Shaun Williams, CEO of Lime said:

“The UK has a significant protection gap, a forgotten majority that have little or no insurance. We think that’s a big problem.

“Now is the time to do something about it and we are working with some of the most innovative businesses in the industry and beyond to drive that change.

“We’re providing simple, flexible insurance at a low cost so people can have the cover they need to protect the people they want. Customers need only answer a few short questions for the right products and level of cover to be identified. We’ve designed our online platform to give clear guidance throughout the application journey so people can be confident when making decisions on what products to buy, for their own ever-changing personal situations and budgets.

“Our first product to launch is Accidental Death cover. Simply put, if you’re killed by an accident, then it pays out for your family. We’ll be launching more products throughout the year – insuring against accidents is just the start.”

Charlie Carrick, Head of Global Markets at Lime adds:

“We offer insurance for real people with real needs, whether it’s someone who just bought their first flat, workers whose employer doesn’t offer insurance or those living without an extended support network. Of the 16 million who don’t have adequate insurance, 11.3 million have either a mortgage or family to support, or both. This is a huge insurance gap that we want to help fill. We’re excited about shaking up the market.”

Lime is working with trusted insurers and workplace partners including Vibe Syndicate Management Limited, TES, Fizz and Capita.

Lime’s Accidental Death Cover is underwritten by Vibe Syndicate Management Limited, a company authorised by the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulatory Authority and underwriter at Lloyd’s.

Source: Company Press Release