LifeMap Assurance Company has entered into teaming agreement with Everest Funeral, in an effort to enhance its end-of-life planning services to its customers.

As part of the agreement, LifeMap will offer its Advantages program, which will provide its members with access to Everest’s funeral planning services suite enabling them to make decisions and manage expenses associated with funeral planning.

LifeMap president and chief executive officer Bill Barr said the partnership is designed to guide its members through difficult time in their lives.

Everest CEO and founder Mark Duffey said, "Our offerings complement the strong suite of existing services provided by LifeMap, and ensure its members that they are taken care of for life."

Advantages program will provide members with Everest’s 24/7 advisor assistance to discuss funeral-planning issues, PriceFinder Research Reports, as well as Family Assistance and Plan Implementation.

Headquartered in Oregon, LifeMap Assurance is a member of the Cambia Health Solutions family of companies, and offers complete portfolio of insurance benefit plans, including life, disability, vision, dental, accident, critical illness and short term medical coverage.

The company currently serves customers in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho Montana, Wyoming and Alaska, US.