The Lifeline Program, a provider of senior life insurance settlements, has announced the creation of Track-Life, a new free-standing tracking services company to meet the growing needs of companies that are managing new or existing portfolios of insurance policies obtained through life settlements.

According to The Lifeline Program, the new company will immediately begin offering tracking services that leverage The Lifeline Program’s experience in tracking and servicing life settlement policies.

Track-Life offers the following capabilities among others: audit and evaluation services; scheduled contact with policyholders; updating of medical, life expectancy and rate of return data; premium management and payment administration; and policy maturity management and death benefit distribution utilizing propriety online and offline systems.

Scott Page, president and CEO of The Lifeline Program and CEO of Track-Life, said: After receiving many requests, we will now begin offering our tracking services to outside companies. We have tracked hundreds of policies to maturity and are currently monitoring billions of dollars worth of policies. Our proprietary system has a proven track record of maximizing returns for investors.