The Lifeline Program, a Atlanta-based life settlement provider, has launched a new initiative which expands the longtime life insurance settlement provider’s capacity to aggregate life settlement portfolios.

According to Lifeline, with access to new, proprietary capital, it has begun purchasing life insurance policies on a large scale to package portfolios for sale to hedge funds, pension funds and other purchasers of long-term, asset-backed investments.

The company said that its new funding arrangement enables it to aggregate portfolios quickly and in transparent manner that is demanded by institutions.

The company will now provide a complete service that includes provider services, portfolio aggregation, policy servicing and insured tracking. New portfolios will be created to meet investing criteria and goals while servicing and tracking component will enable managers to optimize and minimize premium payments, closely track medical evaluations of policyholders, expedite death claims and monitor carrier ratings.

Wm Scott Page, president and CEO of Lifeline Program, said: “Institutional capital is beginning to flow back into the life settlement market. Favorable policy pricing and an overall thinning-out of questionable portfolios have combined with other positive developments to draw interest from the tertiary markets.”

The Lifeline Program, a division of Wm Page and Associates, offers life settlement portfolio aggregation services and alternative investment opportunities to financial institutions, fund managers and other investment entities.