Claims to create single system for managing risk, disability and leave programs

Liberty Mutual has enhanced its web-based risk management information system, RISKTRAC, which it claims to create a single system for managing risk, disability and leave programs, and add new tools and features so that customers and distribution partners can better manage these programs.


The enhancements to Liberty Mutual’s RISKTRAC system include intuitive, tab-based navigation, which allows users to go to the functional area directly for home page; quick search and advanced search tools to find a specific claim or leave by searching multiple criteria at the same time; diary and watch list tools that remind users of the claims and leaves they should watch and the steps they can take to manage them.


In addition, enhancements also include in-depth analysis by creating, distributing and drilling into customizable reports; and all claim financial data is updated on a daily basis and available for viewing and reporting.


Liberty Mutual also enhanced its ClaimTrac system, which manages group disability programs and information. The system also includes many new search, export and navigation features of RISKTRAC.


Frank Radack, manager of customer loss information of RISKTRAC at Liberty Mutual, said: “Users drove these enhancements. We worked with buyers and intermediaries to understand what they wanted in a system and how we could make ours even better. The result is a single system that gives users easier access to key information that lets them better manage a broader range of the most expensive reasons employees are away from work.”