Lexington Insurance Company has launched Lex Infrastructure Solutions, a suite of insurance coverages tailored for contractors performing bridge and road work in the US.

Lex Infrastructure Solutions is a modular suite of coverages designed for bridge, street and road contractors with annual revenues up to $150 million, or for projects with construction costs up to $150 million.

Lex Infrastructure Solutions’ primary general liability and excess casualty insurance is provided on an annual term or a project-specific basis, with aggregate project limits up to $50 million or more, subject to underwriting. The broad primary liability coverage can include project-specific professional liability insurance and rip and tear coverage.

Lex Infrastructure Solutions policyholders can also take advantage of risk management services, including legal contract reviews provided by an independent law firm experienced and qualified in the area of construction contract review.

Thomas Grandmaison, vice president of Lexington Insurance Company, said: States and municipalities have a long and costly challenge ahead to repair and rebuild many of the nation’s bridges. Lex Infrastructure Solutions is designed to provide the insurance protection contractors need when undertaking projects that will keep America’s infrastructure strong.