UK general insurer Legal & General has launched its new critical illness product, which now covers an additional three illnesses – encephalitis, systematic lupus erythematosus and primary pulmonary hypertension.

<p>The new policy incorporates the mandatory modifications to definitions of critical illness, as set out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). It also includes wider definitions for certain illnesses, which is designed to improve clarity for consumers. <br /><br />The new critical illness definitions are also designed to highlight when a policy will and won&#0039;t pay out, helping to reduce the disappointment of declined claims.<br /><br />The new ABI &#0039;statement of best practice 2006 for critical illness cover&#0039; helps protect consumers by making providers use a common format and generic terms for describing critical illness cover.<br /><br />We set out to raise the bar for critical illness cover and at the same time we have taken the opportunity to incorporate the ABI&#0039;s new guidelines, commented Bonnie Burns, Legal & General&#0039;s protection marketing director. I believe we have successfully created the market-leading critical illness product whilst refining the definitions for the types of critical illness that we cover and adding three new illnesses to the policy.</p>