To help management cascade systems into new products

LeapFrog Investments, a microinsurance investment fund, has announced a ZAR 50m (over US$6m) investment in AllLife, a South African insurer.

Gary Herbert, a principal of LeapFrog, said: AllLife has developed a distinctive and profitable business model, reaching customers that other insurers have been unable to access. LeapFrog is providing AllLife’s team with support to grow their client base by several multiples, and expertise to help management cascade their unique systems into new products and markets.

AllLife links insurance products to an adherence management program. The program ensures clients manage their health appropriately, alerting them to potential health concerns and helping them take action to maintain their well-being, such as regularly testing and taking anti-retroviral medications.

AllLife designs, distributes and administers life insurance products for individuals living with HIV or Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes mellitus.