Sapiens International Corporation has announced that a North American bank has selected Sapiens Decision , a market-leading Decision Management solution.

Sapiens DECISION will enable standardization and centralization of organizational decision logic, ensuring consistent and accurate logic management and operational decision-making across the enterprise.

"Leading financial institutions, in North America and globally, are increasingly interested in a business decision management solution that will help them streamline their operations and reduce costs in a competitive and changing market," said Roni Al-Dor, Sapiens president and CEO. "Sapiens DECISION, which uniquely combines one of the most widely-adopted business decision management methodologies with innovative technology, offers a holistic solution that enables financial institutions to focus on their core business."

"Decision management improves the intelligence of business operations by enabling fast, consistent and precise fact-based decisions," according to Find the Best Approach to Decision Management, a Gartner report from February, 2014. "The vast increase in the amount of available data, and the decreasing cost of computers, memory, mobile devices, sensors and communication networks, have given enterprises the opportunity to greatly improve their operational effectiveness and efficiency. However, they need decision management to help them deal with the volume of data and the complexity of computation in some modern decision-making scenarios."

Sapiens DECISION is used by the world’s largest and most innovative financial institutions. The technology enables business users to efficiently and comprehensively develop, change, simulate and analyze the business logic that drives operations, governance and compliance.

Further, the technology-agnostic platform ensures consistent execution and governance across all applications, complementing existing rules engines or business process management systems.