Quadrant 4 System (QFOR) successfully launched whole life and variable life products from a major insurance carrier on its benefits administration (qHIX BA) platform.

As a result of the launch of this carrier’s life insurance products on the qHIX BA platform, iBenefit Communication ("iBenefit"), a technology-driven enrollment services firm, enrolled the Archdiocese of Birmingham ("Archdiocese") onto the Quadrant 4 platform. In addition to providing an efficient solution for collecting, cleansing, and verifying the accuracy of employee data, the qHIX BA platform enabled iBenefit to provide each Archdioscese employee a better understanding of their benefits in a paperless environment.

Phillip Goodrum, Managing Partner of iBenefit, stated, "We have enrolled cases on multiple platforms and found QFOR’s benefits administration platform to offer the best features in an easy to use environment, all while providing a consistent theme and message to each employee. Successfully enrolling all 800 employees of the Archdiocese without a system glitch speaks volumes about the quality of Quadrant 4’s healthcare exchange platform."

The qHIX BA platform is a separate product from Quadrant 4’s private healthcare exchange platform and includes enrollment, communication, and administration functions for employees, using a wizard approach rather than a marketplace solution. Aimed at smaller work groups, the state-of-the-art qHIX BA platform manages open enrollment cases and provides full benefits administration for employers who are not ready to move to Quadrant 4’s private healthcare exchange platform.

"Making complex cases look easy is what we do best," stated Robert Steele, President of Quadrant 4 Health. "We are excited to work with iBenefit as we head into the open enrollment season, which begins in the fourth quarter. They are a great partners and have been a pleasure to work with. We look forward to growing our businesses together in the months ahead."

Experts predict that 45% of employers will use private healthcare exchanges by 2018. Quadrant 4’s best-in-class exchange (qHIX) has already enrolled 100,000 members and is expected to reach 2.5 million lives in 2015.