LeadersCove has unveiled a new operations and HR service line, which helps insurance technology companies to manage the development, advancement and retention of key talent.

According to company, the business providers needs to focus on four things including investing in advancement of emerging talent, understanding and identifying talent requirements, engaging in global economy through partnerships, market development and human resources, and developing a customer-centered culture, both internal and external.

LeadersCove has partnered with business providers to create executive teams that have skills and commitment to lead and to develop managers and frontline supervisors who have the ability to motivate their teams and deliver on objectives. With an array of services, LeadersCove can also assist organizations in effectively executing company transformations.

Julia Hill-Nichols, founder of LeadersCove, said: “Technology companies that serve the industry are walking a tight wire. On one hand, they need to closely manage their costs, but their future success requires that they continue to develop technologies that effectively and efficiently support the growth of the insurance industry.”