Thomas A Bryson, director of graduate studies for USC’s chemistry and biochemistry department, filed a class-action lawsuit in Richland County on behalf of all state employees against the State Budget and Control Board for raising health insurance premiums for state workers.

In his petition filed in the court, the director has challenged the State Budget and Control Board’s 3-2 decision, under which state workers will have to cough up more for their health insurance, from next year.

The hike in premiums, proposed by Governor Nikki Haley, will help the state to save $5.8m, but the same will cost state worker or retiree an extra $7.24 a month, as per the papers filed in the court.

He criticized the state board move by accusing that it had raised the premium at a time when state workers had been working across-the-board without pay raise for years.

Bryson in his lawsuit has requested the court to stop the increase in premium; otherwise it will adversely affect the lives of the workers.

Supporting his claims Bryson argues that the State Budget and Control Board have no right to increase the health insurance premiums as the state legislature fully funded the entire increase.