The Lafayette Life Insurance Company has selected iPipeline’s DocFast e-Delivery to enhance its digital customer experience.


Image: Lafayette Life to use iPipeline’s solutions. Photo: Courtesy of Stuart Miles/

DocFast streamlines and improves the customer communication experience by digitally enabling reviews, downloads and printing for statements, forms and other important transactional documents.

Rapid digital delivery and two-way communication offer speed-to-market advantages and allow requirements to be collected with ease – communication is immediate, and documents are quickly and securely delivered.

“It’s difficult to achieve digital transformation in the absence of an e-Delivery solution. Customers have grown accustomed to receiving electronic notifications, handling less paper to speed transactions, and electronically accessing sensitive documents through secure websites. It’s how business is being done today,” said Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline. “Collecting requirements faster, speeding document deliveries, and avoiding cycle time delays all equate to a more efficient and productive business process. Lafayette Life’s decision to enhance its customer experience with DocFast places it in the company of other top insurers working with us to digitally transform our industry.”

“Our customers can expect to have an increasingly digital experience with Lafayette Life. The introduction of iPipeline’s DocFast e-Delivery product, with our current e-Signature capability, reinforces our commitment to making it easier for customers to do digital business with us,” said Bryan Dunn, President and CEO, Lafayette Life. “Our goal is to efficiently service the requests made by customers for specific products and services matched to their financial needs. The ability to do this rapidly and securely with e-Delivery is a win-win for us and our customers’ families.”

iPipeline’s SSG Digital core platform is designed to enable the life insurance and financial services industry to automate and simplify all new business, administration, and in force management tasks to achieve desirable business outcomes.

Source: Company Press Release