Delaware-based KnightBrook Insurance and the Knight Insurance Group have selected RightSignature's electronic signature software to streamline its insurance claims processes.

KnightBrook is a specialty insurance company underwriting niche program business nationwide, and is affiliated with the Knight Insurance Group.

The software from the RightSignature enables claimants to fill out and sign documents online and its navigation tools guide parties through required fields, and its biometric signature pad facilitates legally-binding, handwritten e-signatures in any web browser.

With the RightSignature deployment, KnightBrook customers and claimants will receive a link to claims document packages via email and completing and signing forms online.

Each event in the process will be digitally timestamped, providing a audit log for legal verification. In addition, KnightBrook staff will receive real-time updates when claimants view and sign document packages, which provides management with visibility and control.