The new solutions from Keal Technology are expected to help Canadian insurance brokers in delivering greater customer value and accelerate brokerage modernisation

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New insurtech platform and digital customer experience solution launched in Canada by Keal Technology. (Credit: Pexels from Pixabay)

US insurtech company Vertafore’s subsidiary Keal Technology has launched the new Vertafore Canada Cloud platform and InsurLink digital customer experience solution in Canada.

The new solutions are expected to help Canadian insurance brokers in delivering greater customer value, accelerate brokerage modernisation, and for bringing in growth.

The Vertafore Canada Cloud technology is said to give Canadian brokers a platform that offers the ability to connect and work securely from anywhere. The platform is said to be designed to improve brokerage efficiency and customer service.

The cloud platform is claimed to simplify and speed up data access and processing, thereby giving faster performance, flexibility and scalability to brokers. This will help them to quickly react to shifting business requirements while cutting down IT costs and overhead.

On the other hand, the InsurLink digital customer experience solution from Keal Technology is a self-service portal which is said to help brokers in giving real-time, self-service access to customers to their insurance policy documents and data via a full-featured web portal.

According to the US insurtech company, this offers a tremendous value for independent brokerages by providing them their own branded customer interface without any development work to generate the digital customer experience, that is usually available only through carriers.

Furthermore, InsurLink is claimed to provide immediate access to updated documents and other policy data as and when changes are made, instead of waiting many hours which is the case with most online systems, said Vertafore.

The InsurLink portal is expected to shortly begin offering Canadian customers the ability to make premium payments through its interface.

Keal Technology vice president comments on the two new solutions

Keal Technology general manager and vice president Dimitrios Argitis said: “In just six months, we have been able to bring to market solutions that are already driving significant value for our customers.

“By leveraging Vertafore’s global IT and product development capability, alongside our Canadian Center of Excellence, we’re able to help our customers achieve greater customer intimacy, which is table stakes in today’s ‘new normal.’ And just as important, this enables them to optimize back-office business processes—which is essential as we all try to do more with less.”

Earlier this month, Vertafore has been offered to be acquired by Roper Technologies in a deal worth around $5.35bn.