UK-based life assurance company Just Retirement has announced that it is planning to launch a new multi-tied advisory service, Just Retirement Solutions.

Once approved by the UK Financial Services Authority, the company will offer advice to people in retirement looking to release equity from their property. The company will advise on lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans to provide lump sums, drawdown or income dependent on client needs.

Mike Fuller, CEO of Just Retirement, said: We are very excited about the potential for equity release but remain concerned that the main brake on progress is the limited availability of advice in the market. I am very keen to help develop awareness of the benefits of equity release and ease of access for the public. It is therefore imperative that we continue to help IFAs develop the ability to advice on equity release alongside the launch of this new venture.

David Cooper, Just Retirement group marketing director, confirmed that the provider will be unveiling a range of initiatives to support the expansion of independent advice in the equity release sector.