Company has expanded this service for securities collateral management

J.P. Morgan has announced that its Projections & Simulations service is now available globally. Part of the Securities Collateral Management product, Projections & Simulations provides securities borrowers with a new set of tools to assess the impact of potential changes to their portfolios, helping them minimise risk and expense while maximising returns.

Using Projections & Simulations, borrowers can optimise their collateral allocations by viewing the results of what if scenarios that analyse both actual and synthetic portfolios. They can preview the potential impact of adding new securities to the available asset pool or simulate various financing scenarios, modelling increased or decreased financing levels with each counterpart independently.

This service provides clients with an aggregated view of securities already held at J.P. Morgan and those held elsewhere, ultimately creating a hypothetical portfolio that shows all assets eligible to be allocated as collateral.

John Rivett, head of global product for securities collateral management at J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services, said: “Our clients gain a full view of all the options available to them, so that they can make the best choices to meet their risk parameters and achieve their financing goals.”

First introduced to European clients, Projections & Simulations is now available to clients in the Western Hemisphere and Asia Pacific.

Securities Collateral Management is a vital risk management tool for institutions seeking to generate additional value from their portfolios while effectively managing their credit risk.