John Hancock Retirement Plan Services (RPS) has launched Coach's Corner, a new online tool designed to help financial representatives identify the needs of prospective clients.

According to John Hancock RPS, the Coach’s Corner is a new addition to its Prime Elements program, which is a suite of tools to help financial representatives identify and address the critical elements plan sponsors require in a 401(k) plan.

The Coach’s Corner qualifying tool consists of three components which include Scouting Report, Custom Playbook, and Game Day Strategy.

Scouting Report provides financial representative with accessible information about a prospective client’s pension plan. The report includes statistics and a comparative analysis from multiple sources.

Custom Playbook provides financial representative a series of detailed questions about the prospect’s plan. Based on the responses, the system generates a custom report on the company’s 401(k) related needs, which the financial representative can present to the plan sponsor.

Game Day Strategy feature helps the financial representative better understand and tailor a John Hancock solution to address the prospective clients’ needs.

Andrew Ross, SVP of marketing at John Hancock RPS, said: “Coach’s Corner is an automatic qualifying tool, a knowledge repository and a marketing resource all in one.

“It provides financial representatives with valuable support throughout the entire sales cycle, from preliminary discussions with a prospect all the way to presenting them with a tailored retirement plan solution.”