John Hancock Insurance has added the John Hancock Vitality solution to its first survivorship ('two person') life insurance policy, Protection Survivorship Indexed Universal Life (SIUL).

This new kind of insurance complements the single person offering, Protection IUL with Vitality, and is designed to meet the needs of clients looking for low-cost survivorship protection and a dynamic solution to meet their estate and legacy planning needs.

With the addition of the John Hancock Vitality Program, policyholders have the opportunity to save on their annual premiums and earn valuable rewards simply by engaging in those everyday activities that help them stay healthy, like walking, exercising, and buying healthy food.

John Hancock Insurance president Michael Doughty said: “At John Hancock, we're focused on providing consumers with innovative solutions designed to help meet a variety of financial planning needs.

“By expanding the John Hancock Vitality offerings to include a survivorship product, we can help ensure that more couples are better prepared for the future, while also encouraging them to take a more active role in their health, physical and emotional well-being.”

Protection SIUL with Vitality offers life insurance coverage with an opportunity to increase cash values by linking to the performance of the S&P 500. This design provides the potential for strong cash value accumulation, and even in down markets, the credited rate will never be less than zero.

John Hancock's Protection SIUL with Vitality offers some of the lowest life insurance premiums in the industry, and gives policyholders the opportunity to earn additional savings — while supporting their pursuit of a longer, healthier life. 

For example, healthy couples in their 50's buying a $1,000,000 Protection  SIUL with Vitality life insurance policy, as compared to buying the same product without the Vitality solution, can potentially save more than $13,000 on their premiums by the time they reach their 70s, based on gold status over that time period.

With Protection SIUL with Vitality, each person has the opportunity to earn "Vitality Points" just by walking, exercising, getting an annual health screening, and even purchasing healthy foods.

The number of Vitality Points earned over the course of a year determines his/her program status level.

The healthier the lifestyle, the more points policyholders can accumulate to earn valuable travel, shopping and entertainment-related rewards and discounts from leading retailers.

As part of the program, policyholders receive personalized health goals, and their activities are easily logged using online and automated tools, which are integrated with personal health technology.

Even when two people are covered, such as on our survivorship product, John Hancock provides both with a free Fitbit device as an easy way to get started.

Protection SIUL with Vitality is currently available in 49 states and John Hancock will continue to roll it out across the country as it is approved. The company also offers the John Hancock Vitality solution on its universal, term and variable universal life products.