The Government of Jharkhand has granted a mandate for ICICI Lombard to implement the group health insurance scheme for women sericulturists and ancillary workers.

The health insurance scheme enables women workers in private reeling units and grainages to access healthcare facilities in the country and provides coverage to women beneficiaries (as the prime insured), her spouse and two children.

According to ICICI Lombard, healthcare assistance will be provided for a range of ailments including a provision for outpatient department (OPD) services and the scheme will allow insured to avail alternative systems of medicine, maternity care, baby care, spectacles and also covers all pre-existing diseases.

In addition, through this policy, beneficiaries will be provided with cashless claims settlement through a network of 30 empanelled hospitals, 20 OPD clinics and three mobile OPD units across the state.

The categories of women eligible to be covered under this scheme include: sericulture farmers; reelers/spineers; and workers.

ICICI Lombard director-corporate Alok Agarwal said that the women working in the private grainages and silk reeling units expose themselves to health hazards and this is one of its initiatives to cover these units in the unorganized sectors and implement the social welfare schemes of the government.