Jewelers Mutual Insurance, a company specialising in jewelry insurance in North America, has introduced Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance for personal jewelry protection.

Jewelers Mutual Sales and Marketing vice president Patrick Drummond said that the Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance provides longstanding security for the consumers.

"With Perfect Circle, they now can actually insure their engagement ring or other expensive piece of jewelry, even if they don’t have home owner’s insurance," Drummond added.

Jewelers Mutual Insurance was established in 1913 and offers insurance in protecting jewelry and jewelry businesses in Canada and the US.

The Perfect Circle Jewelry insurance covers protection against loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance, in addition to the repair and replacement policy.

The repair and replacement policy will enable the consumers a choice to repair and replace their jewelry with the same kind and quality as the original, with a important focus on jewelry brands, rather than utilising a service prescribed by another insurer.