Japan Post Holdings and Aflac Japan, a provider of supplemental insurance services, have signed a new agreement to further expand their partnership that was formed in 2008.

Through the partnership, Japan Post Holdings is planning to expand the number of post offices that offer Aflac’s cancer products from 1,000 to 20,000.

In addition, Japan Post Insurance (Kampo) will sign an agency contract with Aflac Japan for distributing Aflac Japan’s cancer insurance products at all of its 79 directly managed sales offices.

Aflac chairman and CEO Daniel Amos said, "We are very pleased that Japan Post Holdings chose Aflac Japan’s cancer insurance products to sell through its vast number of post offices all across Japan."

Aflac Japan will also plan to develop an exclusive cancer product for both Japan Post and Kampo, after consultations with Japan Post group.

The group consists of Japan Post Holdings and three operating subsidiaries, namely Japan Post, Japan Post Insurance (Kampo), and Japan Post Bank.