Jackson National Life Insurance Company has unveiled a slick new redesign for its digital Performance Center on Jackson.com, improving functionality and navigation as well as introducing Morningstar-powered subaccount profiles for the individual funds available within Jackson's variable annuities.

Jackson, a leading provider of retirement solutions and educational resources for industry professionals and their clients, designed the updated Performance Center to provide financial professionals and Jackson policyholders with comprehensive information in real-time, including downloadable daily unit values and in-depth analysis of fund performance in a more intuitive and user-friendly platform.

"The new site functionality is part of Jackson’s commitment to supporting advisors through every step of the sales process — from preliminary research and education to detailed analysis of performance," said Jeremy Swartz, vice president of eCommerce for Jackson. "The feedback we received from both advisors and policyholders was that they wanted more comprehensive data and the ability to customize the information to meet their specific needs. The new Performance Center offers these features and more, all of which are easily accessible through a user-friendly, intuitive interface."

Other enhancements to the site include:

Custom Lists and Subscriptions — Users can create and subscribe to customized lists of subaccounts for tracking performance of various asset allocation strategies;
Morningstar Feed — Subaccount data and statistics, including Morningstar’s proprietary measures: Morningstar Category, Morningstar RatingTM and Morningstar Style BoxTM;
Side-by-Side Analysis Overlay — Ability to add up to three subaccounts to a side-by-side analysis tool using a detailed set of Morningstar data;
Training Materials — A comprehensive users guide with detailed explanation of site capabilities.

According to Clifford Jack, executive vice president and head of retail for Jackson, the rollout of the newly designed pages is a component of Jackson’s broader educational campaign for both advisors and investors, a key focus for the company. "The new Performance Center is yet another way we can reach all stakeholders in the investing process, and offer them tools and resources that cater to their specific knowledge level and unique investment goals," Jack said.

Through videos and educational tools available on Elite-Access.com, Jackson aims to expand advisors’ knowledge by providing information on a variety of topics including alternative investments, portfolio diversification and market volatility. In March, the company launched The Alternative Investment Learning Center, Powered by Jackson, one of the first LinkedIn groups to offer dedicated alternative investment education to advisors.

In addition, Jackson launched the Center for Financial Insight on Jackson.com in March, which offers insights on many aspects of financial planning, from basic terminology and fundamental investment concepts to information on investment vehicles and trends.