Jackson National Life Distributors (JNLD), the sales and marketing division of Jackson National Life Insurance, has appointed Alison Reed as new senior vice president of product and investment management.

In this role, Reed will work in tandem with Jackson’s Lansing, Michigan-based actuarial department to develop and launch new products across each of the company’s product lines, including variable, fixed, and fixed index annuities, and life insurance.

She will also have responsibility for the company’s investment management initiatives, which include oversight for the company’s sub-account manager line-up.

Prior to working at JNLD, she served as vice president of due diligence for National Planning Holdings, Jackson’s affiliated network of four independent broker-dealers: INVEST Financial Corporation, Investment Centers of America, National Planning and SII Investments.

Reed has more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, specializing in the analysis and implementation of investment strategies for all major asset classes.

JNLD president Greg Cicotte said Alison has been an integral part of the variable annuity product management team for the past three years, developing new products and benefits that have helped Jackson achieve record sales and market share.

"She also brings a strong risk management approach to the product development process, given her due diligence experience with National Planning Holdings," Cicotte said.