To compare home insurance quotes and find a policy that suits the customers' needs

Itsol has created a new website to help individuals and families across the country obtain the best home insurance quotes.

The company said that the site visitors can start by typing their zip code into a box on the home page, then they are taken to a form requesting the type of information required by insurers in that area. Once they submit the information, users are get contacted by up to eight licensed insurers who either supply quotes or ask for any additional information they need in order to give a more accurate quote.

In addition, the new website also provides tips for understanding and purchasing coverage, its home page include home insurance guide menu along its left side and a slideshow. also contains a news section for reports of changes in home insurance laws or trends and three informational sections.

According to the company, the three information sections are titled ‘Time to Buy’, ‘Ways to Save’ and ‘Choosing’ consist of links to articles that guide first-time home buyers.

Furkat Kasimov of Itsol, said: Our mission is to give consumers an easy, one-stop way to compare home insurance quotes and find a policy that suits their specific coverage needs. We have a strict privacy policy that protects users from spam and malicious communication.

With our articles and our online comparison service, is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking for a great deal on home insurance.”