Ironshore International is introducing a Property coverage enhancement to its Mergers & Acquisitions business lines.

Ironshore’s M&A Property offers buyers’ protection for both on and offshore structured transactions that involve property assets and vehicles. Program cover insures general and tax warranties and can also augment additional layers of protection for title and tax residency risk exposures.

Ironshore’s cross-divisional program can facilitate transaction needs with the various parties to protect funding resources, including lending banks, when the financial covenant of the seller may not be sufficient, thereby enabling the seller to immediately distribute transaction proceeds to the respective investors and lenders.

"Ironshore’s tailored solution for M&A property business deals responds to expressed client demand by providing overarching protection and financing cover for complex property transactions throughout our global platform," stated Robert Brown, Global Head, M&A Unit.

Ironshore provides broker-sourced specialty property and casualty insurance coverages for varying risks on a global basis through its multiple international platforms.