Pensions and life assurance insurance provider Irish Life has selected Tableau Software to deliver dashboards for its life assurance and pensions businesses, unleashing new power of data.

The insurance firm is using Tableau to graphically represent data across the organisation, improve decision-making and map patterns and trends in a clearer way than ever before.

Irish Life is planning to roll out dashboards to up to 300 concurrent users in early 2012.

Irish Life in association with Tableau Software partner MXI Computing has installed the product across the business resulting in the rapid roll-out of sophisticated online interactive data dashboards.

The dashboards are currently accessible to business executives, account managers and the CEO, enabling them to review up-to-date information in a highly visual and graphical manner.

With the new tool, the insurer aims to improve the sales pipeline and customer service management, and better control business retention.

Irish Life Retail CEO Gerry Hassett said the whole implementation of his CEO dashboards has taken a few weeks and has been a seamless operation.

"We can now see what is happening on the day-to-day and week-to-week basis which means we can develop our business accordingly and further enhance our competitive edge," Hassett said.

Irish Life Business Intelligence IT manager Paul Egan said they also wanted the ability to produce the information clearly for digest in dashboard applications and in PDF format and accessible on the web and via the mobile.

Customer service will be enhanced with the ability to maintain a deeper level of reporting, tracking the number of contacts that have been made online, via telephone or by paper and spot areas that can be streamlined.

MXI Ireland director Graham Mulhern said business executives and sales managers are following the emerging trends, seeing new and additional insights into the business information and capitalising on relevant opportunities.

"From MXI’s viewpoint, Irish Life is a household name and this relationship will have real meaningful effect on our business growth over the next few years, both in terms of sales and employment," Mulhern said.

Tableau Software VP for Europe Bruno Saint-Cast said Irish Life has recognised the value of data in their business and the potential to improve processes and best serve customers.

Going further, users will be able to browse content, access favorite reports and quickly collaborate, all while on the go, as Irish Life is planning to take their Tableau interactive dashboards mobile.