Jim Livingston will assume Ms. Niedermeier’s responsibilities on an interim basis

INVEST Financial Corporation (INVEST), a subsidiary of the National Planning Holdings (NPH), has named Jim Livingston as interim President and CEO of the firm. This was based on Lynn Niedermeier’ decision to retire and would resign her position as President and CEO.

Jim Livingston, President of the NPH, broker-dealer network, would assume Ms. Niedermeier’s responsibilities on an interim basis. Mr. Livingston, who is based in Denver, will spend time at INVEST’s Tampa, Florida Headquarters, where he will work with the firm’s management team, including Ms. Niedermeier, to ensure a smooth transition.

Mr. Livingston, said: “I appreciate and fully embrace the value proposition and culture that Lynn has created at INVEST, and I am committed to maintaining and building upon this strong foundation. While I sincerely regret the fact that she will be leaving us, I respect and support her decision and wish her all the best in retirement.”

Ms. Niedermeier has served as INVEST’s President and CEO since 2001.