International Medical Group (IMG), a provider of international health insurance, has renamed one of its specialty international insurance products, patriot extreme to patriot adventure.

According International Medical, the product, formerly patriot extreme, has been renamed to reflect the scope of its coverage, and to appeal to appropriate audience. The patriot adventure product is designed for people who intend to participate in the adventure sports while traveling globally.

The added activities in the product include: jungle zip lining; cave tubing; snowmobiling; surfing; wildlife safaris; motorcycle/motor scooter riding; trekking; and wakeboarding.

The company said that benefits of patriot adventure reaches beyond coverage for injuries sustained during adventure activities. It also provides a range of international emergency benefits commonly not found on standard domestic plans including emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, and return of mortal remains.

In addition, insureds have an access to multilingual customer service centers, claims administrators and 24 hour access to coordinators of emergency medical services and treatment. Insureds also have access to around 17,000 providers when seeking treatment outside the US using the company’s international provider access (IPA).

Joseph Brougher, president of IMG, said: “Extreme was a good name to market the product at the time it was introduced a few years ago. However, we’ve since enhanced it by adding coverage for several new activities, and we feel the word ‘adventure’ more accurately describes what those are.”