Designed to assist insurance cash flow analysis and risk reporting

Interactive Data’s Fixed Income Analytics business is all set to release BondEdge Cash Flow Analyst for the insurance industry on July 31.

The company’s new package is reportedly designed to assist insurance cash flow analysts, including investment actuaries, with asset cash flow projections and analytical risk reporting for asset-liability management of insurance asset portfolios.

BondEdge Cash Flow Analyst for Insurance is available through the BondEdge Next Generation platform, which is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and provides flexible user interface, claims the company.

Keith Webster, managing director of Interactive Data Fixed Income Analytics, said: “Extensive customer input and years of experience in supporting the cash flow analytics needs of insurance companies contributed to our release of this new product designed to help address the asset modeling and risk analysis needs of insurance portfolio asset-liability management.

“Heightened regulatory requirements across the financial sector have emphasized the importance of portfolio stress testing. BondEdge Cash Flow Analyst employs cash flow projection and stress testing analysis to help assist insurance companies in meeting regulatory and ratings-agency based requirements such as New York State Regulation 126, the AM Best Supplemental Ratings Questionnaire, and Standard & Poor’s U.S.-based insurance risk-based capital (RBC) model,” he added.

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