Integrity Capital Partners has launched new social media platform, website and blog, to provide visitors, clients, and advisors with an overview of the marketplace within life settlement, premium finance and insurance products.

The social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have the ability to launch the accessibility for businesses to reach to a new level. The blog will cover topics regarding life settlement changes, new premium finance and estate planning ideas, the company said.

ICP said that it has set out to create an information portal that allows its readers to get up to date current industry information from the inside perspective of CEO Robert Finfer, who has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Mr Finfer, CEO of Integrity Capital Partners, said: In the first month of the year we are currently working with an excess of $400m of traditional settlements in our pipeline and have lined up two new funding sources whose parameters are beginning to expand. We are also working on over $100m in new life sales.

As our industry continues to evolve and change we plan on using an easier information pathway to inform our clients on our company, its principals, our industry, regulatory laws, and industry events.”