InsWeb Corporation, an online insurance portal in the US, has integrated InsWeb's AgentInsider Lead Program with DialYourLeads, a top provider of lead management software and business telephone solutions.

Founded in 2009, DialYourLeads provides agents with tools to help increase lead conversion, which allows users to automate marketing to their leads, as well as helping increase contact rates by connecting agents to prospects as soon as the lead is sent.

Agents purchasing insurance leads from AgentInsider can be connected via phone to prospects as soon as inquiries are submitted, increasing contact rates and agent success.

AgentInsider Operations vice president Tricia Winkler said with DialYourLeads, agents can significantly improve contact rates, giving them a huge advantage when competing for the consumer’s business.

DialYourLeads founders James Angel said by simplifying and accelerating management tasks, the integration provides users the opportunity to grow their business and convert prospects into customers with pronounced efficiency.