Insurity has launched a standards-based Forms Authoring Tool in a bid to expand the App Factory Configurator capabilities and benefits for Policy Decisions clients.

The Forms Authoring Tool enables easy forms creation, control, functionality, and flexibility for Insurity insurer’s proprietary lines implementations.

Currently, the tool is being used in a pilot environment at SPARTA Insurance and the addition of the new solution enables Policy Decisions users’ additional forms capabilities and ability to self-manage forms environment.

The Forms Authoring Tool has been designed to provide more capability, flexibility, and customer control for insurers using Insurity’s Insurance Decisions Suite.

The Forms Authoring Tool offers the test fill-in ability of forms immediately after creation with update service based on client defined schedules and also supports Insurity and client developed content integration.

The platform also supports printing options which include bar coding, color, image overlays, multiple trays, watermarks, and PDF document delivery.