To provide products and solutions for high-net-worth individuals and businesses

David Kleinhandler, life insurance expert and founder of QuoteMaster USA has announced the formation of DKA Advisors (DKA), a solutions-based financial planning company that serves high-net-worth individuals and businesses with life insurance and annuity products.

According to Mr Kleinhandler, DKA (Discovery, Knowledge, Advice) was founded to address a growing market need among high-net-worth individuals and their advisors for insurance strategies to protect their estates, their businesses and their legacies.

The DKA approach treats life insurance as an asset class with potential to grow tax-advantaged wealth. In addition to life insurance products, it also offers trust owned life insurance, Prudent Investor Act compliance programs, and estate and charitable legacy planning.

In addition, the company is developing new products to further enhance the client experience and assist with compliance and risk management.

Mr Kleinhandler, said: This past year was a real wake up call for my clients, as they realized that ‘traditional investments’ were not safeguarding their assets. While many in the financial industry have long considered life insurance as an established asset class, consumers are beginning to recognize that life insurance is a tax-free financial product that truly helps protect and grow wealth.

At DKA, we are committed to the life of each client and to the life of their policy. It’s no longer enough to just make sure an individual has a policy that meets his or her long-term goals. It is incumbent upon us to make sure their insurance policies are monitored on an annual basis to ensure they answer the needs of the customer and their family today, tomorrow and beyond without exposing them to risk.”