UK based Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has signed a new five year contract with Detica, to deploy the latest version of its NetReveal counter-fraud software through a managed service arrangement.

The enhanced software platform will have bespoke features specific to the IFB. The new feature of the software will provide a web portal for customers to interact directly and in an automated manner with the IFB.

Using Detica NetReveal, the IFB system will risk score individuals, claims, vehicles, companies and addresses and the portal will enable customers to carry out swift automated risk assessments, and or rapidly gather information to support an investigation.

Submitted information will be scored according to risk levels and using workflow automatically form part of an IFB Analysts’ work load if further investigation is required, or the information forms part of a wider ongoing investigation.

In addition, the new system will allow the IFB to automate the identification of high risk networks and create work queues for IFB Analysts to research and rapidly disseminate valuable intelligence to customers.

The flexibility and scalability of the Detica NetReveal solution supports strategic goals and augments the IFB’s ability to streamline and handle cases going forward, and also expand its range of counter-fraud services to its customers.

IFB director Glen Marr said that the customers will be advised as the new web portal facility comes on line and can operate under business as usual protocols whilst the enhanced IT solution is embedded. Implementation of the new software is scheduled for quarter one 2011.